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Last updated: December 23, 2010
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NRA - National Rifle Association

Shotgun News

Texas State Rifle Association

International Ammunition Association

IAGA -- Indian Artifact Grading Authority
Winchester Arms Collectors Association
The Winchester Store

Gutterman Historical Weapons, Inc.

Ed Cox -- Antique Gun List

W.C.F. Publications, Inc.
ColCart, Inc -- Single Rounds for Collectors

Wilderness Art -- Dietmar Krumrey

Horst Held -- For Fine Antique Handguns

O.C. Young -- A source for fine Antique Arms, Firearms Curiosa, and Western Memorabilia
OCYoung Heading, A source for fine Antique Arms, Firearm Curiosa, and Western Memorabilia


TwistedTreeFurniture -- High quality gun & display cases